Feedback for Teachers

Where are the Opportunities?

The research, insights and experience map point to many opportunities for evolving or designing wholly new teacher feedback experiences — those that are centered in a community of learning that supports all teachers and all students striving to reach their full potential. Opportunity spaces reframe teacher challenges and needs in a generative, future facing way. Each space defines an area where multiple ideas for new solution concepts can be developed. What follows are ten opportunity spaces that highlight potential work from deeper studies to new programmatic solutions that can be prototyped and tested.

Designing for Effective Feedback

The graphic below depicts ten opportunity spaces organized along a continuum from opportunities that target current work (today’s teacher evaluations) to forward-thinking opportunities that anticipate what’s ahead for teachers. The first three spaces address a set of challenges dealing with evaluation inputs and effectiveness ratings. The next four opportunity spaces address several areas for supporting teacher feedback experiences in practice. Finally, the last three spaces address new educational models and the changing roles of teachers, students and administrators.