About the Business Innovation Factory

The Business Innovation Factory (BIF) creates real world laboratories where organizations can design, prototype, and test new models for delivering value. BIF’s mission is to enable business model and system level innovation in areas of high social impact, including healthcare, education, energy, and entrepreneurship.

We would like to take a moment to recognize the “we” behind this body of work.

First and foremost, without the collective help of the teachers and schools who took time out of their exceptionally busy lives to invite us into their very special worlds, speak with us, open up their classrooms to us, share very personal and sometimes difficult stories, spend long hours in the field with us, and travel across country in the middle of the holiday season to critique the emerging content and refine our prose, this report would not exist. We simply can not thank you enough for sharing your experiences and observations. With you as our guide, we take a bold step forward to understand and address the challenges you face.


The report was written by Christine Costello, Design Director, Business Innovation Factory; Kara Dziobek, Experience Designer, Business Innovation Factory; Christine Flanagan, Student Experience Lab Director, Business Innovation Factory; and Chad Lockart, Senior Experience Designer Business Innovation Factory, with invaluable support and feedback from Sarah Buhayar, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We would also like to acknowledge the following Business Innovation Factory ensemble: Tori Drew, Operations Director; Katherine Hypolite, Community Engagement Manager; Lindsey Messervy, Experience Designer; Jeff Drury, Art Director; James Hamar, Multimedia Storyteller and Sam Kowalczyk, Graphic Designer; Saul Kaplan, Chief Catalyst; and Eli Stefanski, Chief Market Maker, for their vision and sustained support of the Student Experience Lab. Finally, we acknowledge the team at Revelation Global for their support with our online community and designer Jeremy Withers.

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